Webbed Walk (snorkeling)

Webbed walk: Snorkeling

If diving sounds too “complicated”, you do not want to breathe in this “thing” at the end of a pipe, that training underwater with “complicated” exercises you are afraid that you would enjoy being in water and have the feeling of being free to move and to be one with the item, we offer  snorkeling  also called  snorkeling .

Enjoy with your partner or family (even smaller) of shallow Nature Reserve to introduce you to marine biology and observe many plant and animal species (small rock fish, octopus, starfish, sea urchins, mollusks various and different kinds of algae and sponges …)

We provide all equipment (fins, masks and snorkels) and our instructor team will take you by boat to discover diving, punctuated with explanations about the lifestyle and the different interactions between its inhabitants.

Price  : 20 €
Full equipment not supplied Reduction: 10 €