Diver CMAS P ** is able to conduct exploration dives:

  • Up to 20 m depth, within a group of divers, autonomy without Palanquée Guide (GP) with one or two key team members have, at minimum, the same skills and in the presence of Director of Diving ( RFP) on the site that gives instructions for the conduct of diving.
  •   Up to 40 m depth, within a group of divers, with a Palanquée Guide (GP) that supports the conduct of diving.   

This diver:

  •    autonomous is to equip, to immerse, to equilibrate, evolve and move.
  •    Preventing knows for himself diving incidents.
  •    Knows help a teammate awaiting the intervention of the GP and intervene with a troubled teammate through an autonomous group of divers.
  •    Knows receive if necessary using the GP or a teammate.
  •    Known individually and collectively implement the instructions given by the GP or the DP as appropriate.


  •   Being 16 years old at least at the date of grant (permission of a legal guardian for minors).
  • Being diver patentee P * CMAS or certification whose skills are deemed equivalent to begin training.
  •   Justify five (05) dives exploration, certified in the logbook after the grant of the patent level 1.

Training duration:

  • 10 dives
  • Theory 4 lessons

Necessary material:

  • Full equipment,
  • Course materials
  • Certification fee  Included

Training content:

  • PMT module
  • decompression diving Module
  • Security Management Module
  • Module management palanquée

Price  : 350 € 
Complete equipment not supplied Reduction: 10 €