Patent three star diver (P ***) certifies that the diver has the theoretical and practical knowledge required and as complete as possible so that it is able to organize and conduct dives in freshwater and sea, adapted to the environment and the most varied conditions safely. The plunger P *** CMAS.CH is qualified to lead groups of divers divers of all levels, ensuring maximum safety. At the time of its certification, it is able to assist and rescue a diver in trouble in any depth zone corresponding to their level of training.

Patent P *** CMAS.CH is the highest level of sports diver and therefore is required to follow basic scuba instructor training CMAS.CH.

Equivalence CMAS

The three star diver CMAS.CH patent is recognized as CMAS International Certificate “Diver CMAS three stars respectively” Three stars CMAS diver. ” It allows Tunisia to get the equity diving guide map N4.

Conditions for participation in:

  • Medical fitness certificate valid diving.
  • Diver patent P ** CMAS or equivalent
  • To justify at least 50 dives, including 20 from the P **

Training duration:

  • Min. 12 dives + number of variables workouts office candidates to reach level
  • 7 Theory lessons

Necessary material:

  • Complete equipment, rental available


  • Course materials
  • certification fee

Training content:

  • Minimum age: 16 years. For minors, authorization signed by parental authority.
  • PMT module
  • decompression diving Module
  • Security Management Module
  • Module management palanquée

Price  : 600 € 
Complete equipment not supplied Reduction: 10 €