The Dive Center

Abyss Dive Center

is a diving center located in the tourist area near the lighthouse in 20 minutes from downtown Houmet Souk is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island of Djerba dream.

Many sites offer an underwater decor exception: discovering the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean.

The dive sites are selected by the team based on the level of diving and weather conditions. Abyss offers a warm welcome, suitable equipment and regularly renewed, a graduate coaching and assured comfort.


The boat

The team

 Touhami Chaouch

         PADI OWSI No. 982529 / CMAS MF2 No. 0031/08 / License FAST

        Touhami Chaouch  is behind the creation of the Abyss Dive Center Djerba.Amoureux center of the island, passionate diving and snorkeling from a young age, he knows the seabed of the island inside out. It was captain and he experienced guide will introduce you to the most beautiful places of Djerba.


 Wissem Ben Ammar

      Diver 3 CMAS class No. 04/10 / FAST license

On a quiet, thoughtful nature, Wissem native of the island diving enthusiast since childhood, has long worked in the waters of Djerba he joined the team as a dive leader.

Passionate, teacher and experienced, he will accompany you throughout your dives.