Wreck EDDA Italian Freighter

(First name of the daughter of Mussolini) – Italian Ship (Cargo Refrigerating) – Sunk on 19.01.1943

The ship Edda went to Tripoli to Trapani (with on board 1,500 tons of various materials). At 0:30 on 01/19/1943, escorted by the destroyer San Martino and Eso ship.

  • At 8:45, the height of Zuara, joined the convoy and exceeds the high seas tug Ciclope and the trawler Vittoria.
  • At 5:45 p.m. near the island of Djerba, the English submarine the Unbroken launches a torpedo against the Edda. He managed to avoid the first but not the second torpedo felt him on the side and began to sink.
  • The two escort ships chased the submarine but after an hour the destroyer San Martino leaves Eso continue alone and approaches the Ciclope tug to tow two pontoons and let the tow Ciclope Edda.
  • Between 9:40 p.m. ET 0:30 ships suffered numerous air attacks. The destroyer San Martino managed to avoid many torpedoes.
  • At 9:42 p.m. the Eso was hit by a torpedo and sank.
  • At 22:00 another torpedo struck the Edda which sank without casualties, the entire crew was rescued by the Ciclope. The Ciclope also recovered 75 people from the Eso but 24 people died.

Edda wreck lies 14km dimensions to a maximum depth of 24 meters. Found on the wreck: rifles, machine guns, war material, boots, many ball sockets … (Topo borrowed from our Hostess Blue Dolphin). Note that the dishes that read “Ricardo Giniori” at long been called the wreck “RICARDO” … to seek historian diver hunter wreck.

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